Close November Like It’s December

By Elay Cohen
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Close November Like It’s December

Make November count. Close November like it’s December. I love the idea of putting motivational and financial incentives in place to sales executives to drive action. Why not pay reps more if they make their number in December? I don’t mean offering customers bigger discounts to sign a deal before month end. It starts with the quality of the pipeline and how well your deals are mapped to business problems that matter to executives. Here is some inspiration to get you and your sales teams off to a big finish this month.

Conduct Mobile-fall-214High Impact Team Based Deal Reviews

Increase Q4 revenue, improve forecast accuracy and bring forward Q1
pipeline to make November your biggest month ever. Assemble your team to coach “urgency” in your deal closing strategies and score each other’s deals. Make this a priority in the first week of November to avoid any later Q4 surprises. Focus the team on uncovering the reasons the why the deal won’t clsoe rather than why the deal will clo

Huddle_thumb_SH_Close_PlansEducate and Energize with Close Plans Refresh

Give your teams a refresh on the principles of Close Plans in their Q4 and Q1 deals. Review the Close Plans Sales Huddle in SalesHood and put your reps to work dusting off their mutually agreed upon customer success plans (aka close plans). Do all your Q4 deals have compelling events? How about close plans? Have you uncovered the complete decision making process? Has your champion signed off on the mutually agreed close plan?

Mobile-SHGetting Started

Get your sales data in check and pull a list of your top deals. Then review the library of Sales Huddles in SalesHood, including Compelling Events, Decision Making Process, Close Plans or Executive Presentations. Choose the topics your reps and deals need the most right now. Get it scheduled and then watch the invitations, reminders, videos, and coaching tools get pushed to your reps’ mobile devices.

Bring the power of mobile-to-mobile, rep to rep, best practice sharing to your sales teams and nurture a culture of sharing and coaching. Get the SalesHood iPhone app now from the Apple Appstore and sign up to get your invitation to join the future of sales productivity automation.

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