How Do You Know Your Q4 Deals Are Going To Close?

By Elay Cohen
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How Do You Know Your Q4 Deals Are Going To Close?

How Do You Know Your Q4 Deals Are Going To Close? There are thirty days left in the quarter and year. What’s your strategy for a final end of year push? Are you doing daily deal reviews and offices hours? Are you holding team based deal strategy sessions?

Here is a list of questions you use in your one-on-ones, deal reviews and pipeline review calls:

Question 1: What are the company’s top issues?

Question 2: What are the impacts of the issues?

Question 3: What is their vision?

Question 4: What’s the compelling event?

Question 5: What’s executive power strategy?

Question 6: What’s the decision making process?

Question 7: What are the closing steps with procurement & legal?

Question 8: What’s your competitive strategy? (Be paranoid)

Question 9: Why will this deal not close?

Question 10: What is your closing plan?

Use these questions as a filter against the quality of your Q4 pipeline. Have every rep and manager focus on answering these questions to ensure every deal comes across the finish line. Use the entire team including executives, sales support staff and partners to help triangulate deal strategy including decision maker and influencer strategies.

Regardless of your go to market and sales process, the questions will be very similar. These questions are fairly standard and should be methodology agnostic. Focus more on the process and cadence of inspecting the deals in a consistent way. Focus on how you engage your reps and how they learn from each other. That’s the real work to do as a sales manager in the last thirty days of the year. Energize your sales teams to be thorough and curious about every last detail to avoid last minute surprises right before the end of the year.

We have deal review templates that are full integrated with Salesforce to make this an efficient process that is fully integrated with forecasting.

Finish Q4 strong.

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