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Every year like clockwork, we look at each other and ask – How do we ensure this year’s Global Field Kickoff or Sales Kickoff (SKO) is our most productive and effective yet for our teams at FinancialForce? While the answer to that question evolves each year, it always includes a SalesHood enablement strategy that not only engages our reps before arriving to our event, but also during and after.  


Building the Sales Kick Off Plan

2 months before SKO,  we sat down and created three unique learning paths for new hires, go-to-market field teams, and our professional services teams. Each path started with an identical Week 1 focusing on company-wide 2018 goals and sharing customer stories, and included a certification for each rep to share three goals for the coming year. Already we started seeing words of motivation and affirmation being shared between colleagues and teammates.  


Week 1: Two Weeks Before The Sales Kickoff

In our key customer highlight huddles, our reps took the opportunity to ask some hugely valuable questions and gain insights on why these customers chose FinancialForce over the competition, what part of our solution has had the biggest impact on their day-to-day, and how we could have made the pre-sales process smoother.  


Week 2: One Week Before The Sales Kickoff

Next up in the learning path was modules tailored to each segment and included reviewing new selling scenarios and buyer personas, and introducing Selling Through Curiosity. Our reps were digesting the new information we were throwing at them by asking real-time questions, sharing best practices, and even practicing their open-ended question training on one another.  


Results Heading into the Global Field Kickoff

211 of the 270 reps completed 90% or more of the pre-work prior to the sales kickoff in San Diego. That means our reps were arriving ready to build on what they already learned and armed with knowledge, ideas, and opinions on the topics we needed to cover over a short amount of time. Over the next four days, our reps were able to truly focus on sharing, learning, and collaborating on the next-level information that mattered most – because everyone had done their homework before arriving.  


Post-Event Knowledge Check

Once our reps were back at their desks, they got started on our post-event learning in SalesHood – tied to recap and knowledge checks as well as contained recordings of all the sessions and demos from the week. As a result 215 out of 346 sales reps completing our post work, we’re witnessing our teams actively operating on the information they learned and retained months ago! Please reach out to the SalesHood team if you want help to bring this sales coaching best practice to life in your business with your front-line managers and sellers. Sign up for a trial.


About the Author
Quyen Le

Quyen Le

Quyen (aka Q similar to the James Bond reference) is a leader with 10+ years of experience focused on scaling, mentoring and enabling successful teams. She started her career at Salesforce spending 8 years in a variety of roles (consulting, IT program management and enablement for the Sales and SE communities). During her time in consulting, For the past 2 years, Quyen was at Zenefits was responsible for leading Sales/SDR onboarding and assisting with marketing programs. Now at FinancialForce, she is responsible for leading enablement and assisting with customer programs for the field go to market teams. A Bay Area Native, she’s spent her entire life living on the Best Coast born in San Jose and attended Santa Clara University where she received her Bachelor’s in Business Management as well as her MBA.

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