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Join us in San Francisco at the highly acclaimed ENABLEMENT MASTERY Workshop jointly hosted by DocuSign, SalesHood and the Sales Enablement Society. Come prepared to network, ideate and collaborate with Elay Cohen, CEO of SalesHood, former SVP Sales Productivity at Salesforce, and leader in the sales enablement profession. Together we will explore ways to turn your people, processes, and programs into revenue multipliers.

Nov 15th at 8 am


221 Main St #1000

San Francisco, CA 94105

Enablement Mastery Workshop Agenda

8:15 AM

Registration & Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks and Networking Exercise

8:45 AM

The Enablement Process Map

We will review the enablement process map pillars and guiding principles.

9:00 AM

Go-To-Market Alignment

We will explore and discuss top executive priorities, enablement metrics and KPIs to multiply revenues outcomes.

9:45 AM

How To Nurture A Learning Culture

We’ll discuss how to deliver best in class training, onboarding and coaching

10:15 AM


10:30 AM

Creating Compelling Communications

We’ll have a discussion on sharing just-in-time and in-context content

11:15 AM

Celebrating Achievements & Sharing Successes Discussion

11:45 AM

Wrap-up and Key Takeaways (Until 12 PM)