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At MULTIPLIERS '19, we'll share winning ideas and explore enablement strategies and tactics to boost sales productivity and achieve record-breaking revenue outcomes.


Join us in San Francisco at MULTIPLIERS '19 for a day of sales enablement talks, workshops and connections. Our conference is designed to help you achieve ENABLEMENT MASTERY with practical enablement knowledge, live demonstrations and interactive workshops led by successful practitioners. We're also curating connections and mentorship opportunities.

Beyond the one day event, the program includes access to our online community of videos and resources for one year with curated mentorship groups and connections.


Wednesday June 12th, 2019

Registration 8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Elay Cohen CEO & Co-founder

Ashley Philipps Sales Solution Consultant

Bob Kruzner Senior Director, Customer Success

How Go-To-Market Alignment Delivers Record Breaking Revenue Outcomes

9:30 AM

Sheevaun Thatcher Head of Global Sales & Service Enablement

Sarah Fricke Global Sales Enablement Manager

Melissa Regan Sales Enablement Manager

How a Team of One Scales Enablement

10:15 AM

Karen Harrison Sales Enablement Manager

Break 10:30 AM

From Learning to Revenue With Onboarding and Ongoing Coaching

11:00 AM

Juli Walwyn Sr Director Revenue Enablement

Grace Chang Revenue Enablement

Stephen DeRose Revenue Enablement Manager

High Impact Onboarding and Coaching

11:45 AM

Alita Maggiani Sales Enablement Specialist

Lunch 12:00 PM

The #1 Secret to Sales Transformation

1:00 PM

Barry Rhein Founder

Communications - What's in it for me?

1:30 PM

Alicia Blythe Global Field Enablement Manager

Deborah Scherba Director, Enablement & Coaching

Break 2:30 PM

Transforming Philanthropy With Curiosity at United Way

3:00 PM

Lynne Smith Vice President

Ira Bernstein Founder

Inspire and Motivate Sales Teams With Win Stories

3:30 PM

Michelle Schmuhl Sales Operations Manager

Performance Analytics

3:45 PM

Elay Cohen CEO - Co-founder

Roman Stanek CEO

SalesHood Product Roadmap With Founders

4:00 PM

Arthur Do CTO - Co-founder

Elay Cohen CEO - Co-founder

Closing Awards Celebration

4:30 PM

Dan Dal Degan SalesHood Advisor

Elay Cohen CEO - Co-founder

Reception hosted by GoodData 5:00 PM


GALLERY 308 Landmark Building A, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94123


  • 1

    Connect with fellow sales enablement professionals

  • 2

    Turn your sales enablement programs into revenue multipliers

  • 3

    Learn how to execute winning sales enablement strategies and tactics

  • 4

    See live sales enablement demonstrations from successful practitioners

  • 5

    Get organizational buy-in for your initiatives by correlating programs to outcomes

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