SalesHood - Sales Enablement Platform


The Expert Certification will teach you how to use the SalesHood platform to deliver a best-in-class enablement program. Not only will you become an expert on SalesHood, but you will advance your enablement expertise through learning from our team of industry experts.

Through the self-paced path, you will learn everything from platform administration basics to examples of how our top performing customers use the features so you can get started quickly. Get the basics on how to publish huddles and learning paths, create stories using the story recorder, and manage content.

The Expert Certificate is designed to help you ramp up quickly and effectively. You can complete the modules at your own pace and practice in your instance. The learning path will ensure you build engaging content the right way.

Build your enablement strategy successfully from the start--learn how to get executive support to ensure program adoption. And become an analytics expert so you can track participant and group progress and create reports to share your metrics with leadership.


  • Master the SalesHood platform for web and mobile
  • Become an expert content publisher for huddles, pitches, learning paths and stories
  • Learn best practices and creative ideas for engaging content for teams.
  • Join SalesHood's Community and network other practitioners

Course Topics

Four sections comprised of 2 hour and 30 minutes of learning

  • Overview of SalesHood

    Overview of the SalesHood and how to get started as an administrator of the platform.


    15 minutes

  • Publishing Best Practices

    Find out how you can publish content in SalesHood to deliver an engaging enablement program.


    60 minutes

  • Use Case Examples

    Learn about effective examples to kick off your programs using huddles, pitches, stories, learning paths, and more.


    30 minutes

  • SalesHood Administration

    Become an expert administrator of SalesHood understanding groups, importing users, managing notifications, and analytics.


    30 minutes

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