SalesHood - Sales Enablement Platform

How do you reinforce your sales training beyond the initial workshop?

SalesHood’s Sales Enablement Platform Helps Teams of All Sizes Grow Revenue Faster.

Whether you’re a global organization with an existing sales training program in place, or a startup with no formal sales methodology or sales process we can help you.

SalesHood was created in response to the challenges fast growing companies face in onboarding, coaching, training, and certifying teams at scale in an affordable way.

For Companies with an Existing Sales Methodology:

  • You have an sales methodology but lack a way to reinforce it outside of in-person trainings

  • You lack an efficient way to update and replicate training across new hires

  • You lack a way to hold managers and reps accountable for training

For Companies with No Formal Sales Training or Process:

  • You lack a formal, repeatable sales process

  • You lack a proven sales training methodology

  • You lack an efficient way to scale training and reinforcement across new hires

  • You have a distributed team and think sales training is too costly to implement


Joe Fuca

“We got the best of both worlds by having our best quarter ever and solid sales training with SalesHood and Selling Through Curiosity.”

Joe Fuca, President, Worldwide Field Operations Financial Force

Trusted by fast growing companies


Sales Training That Reps Actually Use to Generate Record Breaking Revenue Growth

  • Increased Sales
  • Reduced Discounting
  • Increased Average Deal Size
  • New Reps Close Their First Deal Faster
  • Experienced Reps Shorten Their Sales Cycle
  • Less Time Out of Field
  • Eliminate Costly Travel
  • Ongoing Reinforcement
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Teams Collaborate to Help Win Real Deals in Your Pipeline
  • Trusted by Top Sales Teams
  • Fast Results with Proven ROI

Selling Through Curiosity™

Deliver Selling Through Curiosity™ virtually to train local and distributed salespeople without taking teams out of the field. There is no other technology designed to optimize sales team effectiveness, distance learning and peer-to-peer best practice sharing.


  • Discovery

  • Effective Note Taking

  • Qualification

  • Decision Making Process

  • Advanced Questioning

  • Creating Customized Presentations

  • Mutual Close Plans

  • Closing With Curiosity

  • Objection Handling

  • Negotiating

  • Prospecting

  • Accelerated Relationship Building

SELLING THROUGH CURIOSITY™ Exclusively in SalesHood®

Barry Rhein

For over 30+ years, Barry Rhein & Associates continue to be the sought-after sales training and sales methodology consulting firm in Silicon Valley, offering sales training programs that have been credited with producing billions of dollars in revenue and shareholder value.


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