SalesHood Launches Expert System for Sales Managers to Accelerate Revenue Attainment

  • Press Release
  • August 8, 2018

SalesHood launches Expert System for Sales Managers to accelerate revenue attainment with advanced team dashboards, coaching workflows, and a curated library of industry-proven coaching templates and huddles.

SalesHood, the industry leading sales enablement platform is announcing the launch of SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers. “Our Expert System provides automated coaching tips, content, and guides for managers to develop and motivate their teams to exceed their goals,” says Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood and former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity from Salesforce.

The SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers accelerates revenue attainment and productivity and focus with insights, workflows, and content recommendations learned through millions of videos, stories, and activities submitted on the SalesHood platform.

SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers helps sales managers become great coaches and more effective leaders by enabling them with automated enablement tools and recommendations to develop their teams. Brian McGrath, Director Sales Enablement, SHI International Corp says “You’ve got to be in a position as a manager to observe your people and provide constructive feedback. SalesHood allows sales managers to move from being an armchair quarterback to being a trusted coach”

Customers using SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers will benefit from the following features:

  • Team Dashboard: Provide a concise summary of team progress, collective achievements, as well as simple click throughs to individuals on the team. Benefits to the Manager and the enablement team include:
    • Intuitive visualization of team progress
    • Correlate enablement activity completion to revenue attainment more easily
    • Improved Manager engagement and focus on enablement activities
  • Meetings in a Box: Access to a curated selection of sales enablement huddles that keep teams engaged, aligned and on target to the metrics that matter, both in terms of revenue attainment and personal skills development. Specific features include structured and unstructured team exercises such as role-plays and deal reviews and integrated video assets for call/meeting reviews and best practice sharing. Easily create custom recurring team meetings to provide team visibility, accountability and a culture of sharing throughout the organization.
  • Coaching Workflows: Managers receive automated coaching summaries highlighting areas of development and completion data of their teams. The summaries are pushed to managers 24 hours and 48 hours before team meetings and one-on-ones.
  • Library of Coaching Templates & Huddles: Managers can easily select from a collection of coaching ‘playbooks’ with prescribed workflows and activities to address common objectives or pain points such as: quota attainment, pipeline coverage, team engagement, QBR best practices etc.

About SalesHood

SalesHood is a leading enablement platform created to help teams improve sales productivity and revenue results. We help teams learn and share best practices in a modern way through video storytelling and social learning. Engagement is high and proven to impact outcomes. Revenue results are fast. SalesHood’s customers are doubling win rates, exceeding quota attainment, and improving time to ramp. Join the SalesHood Community today. For more information about SalesHood and a free trial, visit us at

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