SalesHood - Sales Enablement Platform

Our Sales Enablement Platform helps companies increase sales productivity with just-in-time training, onboarding, coaching and content correlated to outcomes.


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We help our customers grow revenue faster by improving their sales productivity with our proven enablement platform and expert community. We’re committed to inspire people to be the best they can be by engaging teams to share knowledge and measure outcomes that matter.


We’re committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging top down starting with our board of directors and bottom up with our company policies and culture. Two of our five board directors are female. SalesHood extends its values to its customer community and conferences by ensuring educational topics, conference speakers and marketing themes reinforce diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  SalesHood’s focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are highlighted in two independent books. The first book, “Women in Tech A Book for Guys” is written by Eva Helen. The second book is by Steve Farber and it’s called “Love is Damn Good Business.” Both highlight through action how SalesHood’s leadership team embraces diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging as core values in their business and culture.

We put the needs and requirements of our customers before everything. We always deliver value to our customers.

We’re aligned. We accomplish great things together. We make each other better. We trust each other. We’re confident. We’re diverse and inclusive.

Less is more. We focus on and do what is essential. We are curious. We can’t do everything. We make the complex simple.