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Our trusted generative AI applications will make your teams more efficient.

AI is in the Hood.

We’re committed to providing our customers with AI that will help teams make breakthrough productivity gains and make smarter decisions. With our continued investment, we will pioneer the way that generative AI is used to help revenue teams solve hard problems.

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SalesHood AI works for sales and marketing teams

All customer-facing employees will use SalesHood AI to up-level what they say to their and what they share with their customers. Managers will use SalesHood AI to coach more effectively and efficiently Marketers will become more efficient content publishers.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness with AI Publisher

Speed up content creation and content management. Create playbooks and sales plays in milliseconds. Create training and tests. Write relevant and personalized content faster.


“I’m saving so much time creating training and assessments with AI Publisher.” Bobbi Jo Frazier, Activtrak

Your enablement programs are augmented with SalesHood AI

We’re excited about generative AI. SalesHood is purpose-built for revenue teams to speed up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. With over 10 years of history, SalesHood has the data, trust and experience to create generative AI applications to solve real revenue problems. Our AI is built on a trust platform and a private Large Language Model (LLM).

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Improve sales execution with AI Coach

SalesHood launched AI Coach to deliver real-time and personalized feedback to sales and customer teams for augmented and accelerated training, coaching and certifications. AI Coach uses generative AI technologies to efficiently keep teams in sync and aligned with the latest messaging. 

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Enable your teams with their own personalized AI Coach. Check out the demo.

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Get up to speed on AI

Read the ChatGPT for sales comprehensive guide. We want you to be educated and in the know. Discover the transformative power of ChatGPT in revolutionizing your sales processes and boosting team efficiency.