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Hyper-personalize the customer journey with SalesHood AI by guiding sellers on what to do and what to share with a little help from AI.

SalesHood AI Assistant

100X your impact with SalesHood AI

SalesHood’s AI Assistant is a trusted and private application proven to make your teams more effective and efficient. Find out why customers are saying SalesHood AI is a game changer.

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AI Assistant - AI Coach

Guide personalized messaging with real time AI Coach.

  • Deliver real-time and personalized feedback.
  • Get real time feedback on tone, keywords used and avoided and key messages.
  • Efficiently keep teams in sync with the latest messaging. 

“SalesHood’s AI technology is modernizing our approach with sales students and shaping their early professional journey.”  Dr. Robert Peterson, Northern Illinois University


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AI Assistant - AI Deal Reviews

Make your deal review process more effective and efficient with AI. 

  • Reps and team show up ready. 
  • 10X deal review volume.
  • Coaching in the moment.
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AI Assistant - AI Call Recaps

Tailor messaging and content with AI meeting recaps.

    • Empower teams to be more efficient and effective.
    • No more excuses not to follow up.
    • Standardize sales execution with meetings recaps.
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AI Coach

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ChatGPT for sales

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Hyper-personalize selling across your customer journey with AI

Speed matters. Many of our customer appreciate SalesHood because of the fast time to impact. Our platform is agile. Our AI is easy to use and administer. Our system is easy to deploy and proven to deliver in-quarter results.

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