Reduce deal friction and improve win-rates with buyer enablement

Enable more sellers to sell like your best with digital buyer sites. Share personalized content with prospects and customers. Communicate with buyers asynchronously before and after meetings. Compress sales cycles, track buyer sentiment, and improve forecast accuracy with buyer engagement data.

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Activate sales plays with Digital Buyer Sites.

Accelerate sales cycles
Track buyer sentiment
Improve win rates
John Guerriere
Global Director, Sales Enablement
“Within our first 90 days of using SalesHood our win-rates improved, our ASP went up and more sellers closed more deals than ever before.”
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A buyer engagement system your sellers and buyers will love.

Arm your teams with repeatable resources and content to engage buyers. Activate proven sales plays to compress sales cycles and improve win-rates. Guide your sellers with just-in-time, in-context content.

Content Sharing

Customer teams easily share content and resources with buyers.

Buyer-seller Collaboration

Buyers are invited to engage with content in public and private sites.

Buyer Insights & Sentiment

Track buying intent and sentiment to gage health of your deals and forecast.

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Activate sales content and measure content effectiveness. Give sellers a repeatable sales process to quickly boost sales effectiveness. 

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All-in-one Sales Enablement Platform

SalesHood is purpose-built and proven to improve sales effectiveness and sales efficiency. With our sales enablement software you will increase selling time, improve win-rates, and enable your revenue teams to close more deals, faster.

Activate content to improve win rates.

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Train and certify your teams faster.

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Boost win-rates and close bigger deals faster with Digital Buyer Sites.

Get more sellers performing like your best with repeatable sales plays.

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