Turnkey sales skills training for B2B sales and tech startups

SalesHood is built on a vast library of turnkey sales skills training created to help sales and customer success teams increase productivity by mastering B2B SaaS sales. The sales training content is based on Elay Cohen’s experience leading sales enablement at Salesforce during the hyper-growth years from 2005 to 2013.

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SalesHood’s sales training solution is purpose-built to:

  • improve sales performance
  • boost sales productivity
  • improve win-rates
  • enable your teams to close more deals, faster

Sales Coaching Leader

“Quarter after quarter, SalesHood’s Coaching Huddles have helped to increase our win-rates and conversion rates. It’s a great way to get our sales team practicing new messaging and learning from each other, especially now while everyone is working remote”

Dave Appel, Head of the Software and SaaS Vertical

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What's Included in SalesHood's B2B Sales Training

Turnkey, on-demand sales training

Video lessons
Role-playing exercises
Practice with AI Coaching
Selling guides and tips
Email and cadence templates
Curated learning experiences
Badging and gamification
CRM integration

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B2B SaaS Sales Training by SalesHood


Customer Storytelling


Compelling Events


Compelling Reason To Act Now


Digital Selling


First Call Qualification


Discovery & Impactful Questions


Executive Presentations


Getting to Power


Mutual Close Plans




Account Planning


Account Research

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