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Speed up your sales enablement impact with SalesHood’s fast and easy program activation, role-based enablement experiences and peer-to-peer collaboration. Our platform is uniquely equipped with turnkey sales training to get more of your sellers closing more deals faster. Our team of experts work closely with your teams to develop and execute proven strategies. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel anymore.

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“Within our first 90 days of using SalesHood our win-rates improved, our ASP went up and more sellers closed more deals than ever before.”

Mark Desrosiers CRO
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“We’re generating more high-quality pipeline, our deals are getting bigger, and our close rates are improving with SalesHood.”

Cory Ayers VP of Sales
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“Our sales enablement programs with SalesHood contributed to double-digit growth, doubled average selling price, and improved forecast accuracy.”

Alicia Schober Manager, Sales Enablement
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Go-To-Market Faster With SalesHood’s Sales Enablement Platform

SalesHood is proven to deliver sales performance results in days and weeks with a platform that’s easy to use and valued by revenue teams.

Activate Content

Enable your teams with content mastery experiences. Wow your teams with engaging and custom layouts. Embed static and dynamic content. Publish personalized Pages for your teams by team, group, segment and user.

Train & Certify

Speed up the impact of your sales enablement programs with bite-sized training, micro-assessments, video role-playing and peer-to-peer collaboration. Quickly boost your revenue team’s competence and confidence with AI and social learning.

Guide Selling

Guide your revenue teams to increase sales effectiveness and to progress deals faster just-in-time sales assets and plays. Prescribe the next best steps in the buyer’s journey in context content and coaching in CRM.

Engage Buyers

Increase seller efficiency with digital sales rooms. Share content with personalized sites for your prospects and customers. Compress sales cycles and decision timelines. Track buyer sentiment and insights.

Measure Sales Performance

Prove the revenue impact of your sales enablement strategy. SalesHood makes it easy to correlate enablement programs to sales performance data. Visualize the impact of your investments in sales enablement.

Train & Reinforce MEDDPICC

Struggling to reinforce MEDDPICC? We can help. MEDDPICC by SalesHood is a complete end-to-end training and reinforcement solution, including:

  • Virtual training sessions facilitated by a certified coach
  • On-demand bite-sized video lessons
  • Actionable coaching guides and templates

Sales Enablement Resources

Check out our resources designed to help you execute successful sales enablement programs that enable your teams to deliver revenue growth.

MEDDPICC Coaching Guide


MEDDPICC Coaching Guide for Sales Managers

This guide provides questions to help sales managers and coaches improve forecast accuracy and progress deals faster.

Prospecting Tips for 2023 Webinar


Prospecting Guidance for 2023

The rules of effective prospecting have changed dramatically. Attend this webinar to learn what’s working – and what’s not working these days.

Sales Enablement KPIs blog share banner


Sales Enablement KPIs: How to WOW the C-suite

Ensure you’re aligned with the C-suite’s priorities and identify the sales enablement KPIs you need to measure to prove your impact.

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