A proven sales training success formula

SalesHood offers a one-of-a-kind AI-powered sales training program

Learn by doing

The fast path to sales training success includes practice and AI-powered role-playing. Sales teams replicate top performers when they’re engaged in interactive group learning. AI helps scale and speed up time to feedback and time to results.

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Improve sales execution with sales training

We hear over and over from sales leaders that their deals get stuck or go silent way too often, and that revenue forecasts are unpredictable and inaccurate. How many of your deals end up as ‘gone silent’ or ‘no decision’ losses? Too many, probably. SalesHood’s total sales training solution will help you solve these sales productivity issues. 

Close the sales productivity gap with sales training

Improving sales productivity is a top 2023 priority. Most sales teams are underperforming. Recent numbers indicate that only 30-40% of sellers are hitting quota. The numbers are trending down in 2023. Sales training is one of the proven ways to improve deal qualification, pipeline progression, win-rates and cycle time by making continuous improvements to readiness, effectiveness and execution. 

Follow a proven sales training process

Sales training programs fail because they lack reinforcement. With SalesHood’s sales training solution we offer a proven framework to assess, curate, learn, coach, guide, engage, and measure sales effectiveness.

Since 90% of what is trained is forgotten within 30 days, with SalesHood, we curate training and reinforcement that is ongoing and integrated with the cadence of your business.

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Software scales accountability

Our Sales Enablement Platform turns training from a one-time event to a fully immersive experience. There’s no other way to curate sales training, coach your reps and measure impact in real-time. 

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Don't take our word for it. Hear from John at Copado. Make your training stick.

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