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Most sales teams need high quality leads and pipeline. What are you doing to enable your teams to self-source more high quality pipeline? We have a proven prospecting sales training program for your sales development reps (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) to quickly develop more self-sourced pipeline using the latest sales training tips and guides from SalesHood.

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Empower your teams to create more self-sourced pipeline.

Enable your teas to develop self-sourced pipeline by mastering the skills required to plan their territories, prioritize accounts and prospect.  You won’t need to take your teams out of the field.

With SalesHood, your teams will get access to bite-sized content, guided exercises and team collaboration to quickly improve their planning and prospecting skills. SalesHood’s sales training is quick and to the point. The sales training is rich with great, informative content, live facilitated discussions plus advice for real world prospecting.

Let’s get your go-to-market teams prospecting more effectively and closing more deals, today. Fill out the form to talk with one of our sales training experts.

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What's Included in Prospecting by SalesHood

Turnkey, on-demand sales training

Video lessons
Role-playing exercises
Practice with AI Coaching
Selling guides and tips
Email and cadence templates
Curated learning experiences
Badging and gamification
CRM integration

Territory Planning video

Watch the Territory Planning video on the left to see an example of one of SalesHood's sales training lessons. Book a meeting to speak with one of our sales training experts to find out how to get started.

Prospecting by SalesHood video lessons


Territory Planning


Account Planning


Account Research


Mastering LinkedIn




Multi-touch Outreach


Video Prospecting


Digital Selling


First Call Qualification

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