One platform to replicate sales plays.

SalesHood guides sellers on what to do and what to share, with a little help from AI. 

Deliver in-quarter revenue impact with SalesHood.

Customers will often 2x win rates, 4X deal size and significantly improve pipeline conversion. 

30% lift in participation
2X increase in win-rates
60% pipeline conversion
4X increase in deal size
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SalesHood offers Revenue Enablement that is simpler, faster, convenient, and 100X better

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Our sales enablement platform will onboard and ramp new hires faster, easily manage sales content, guide your teams to sell more effectively, scale sales pitch practice with our AI Coach and easily measure your impact on revenue. If you’re using legacy sales content management, don’t worry our experts will migrate you in days. 

Sales Content

  • Measure sales content effectiveness.
  • Organize your sales content in one place.
  • Use AI to dramatically improve discoverability.
  • Provide intelligent content recommendations.
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Digital Sales Rooms

  • Sell how buyers want to buy.
  • Empower your sellers to create Digital Sales Rooms, complete with mutual plans, call notes, and AI content recommendations.
  • Report on which buyers are engaged and how much pipeline is influenced. 
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  • Scale pitch practice, training, deal reviews, and certifications with AI Coach. 

  • Receive real-time AI generated feedback on tone, duration, speed, key phrases mentioned and restricted phrases to avoid.

  • Gives managers more cycles to focus on higher-value activities with AI Coach.
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Reporting & analytics

Measure the revenue impact of your sales enablement programs. Our Correlation Engine is purpose-built to get you the answers you need to know if your programs are working – or not.

Measure sales performance

Prove the revenue impact of your sales enablement efforts. We know how hard it is to correlate your program data with sales performance data. We make it easy to correlate enablement programs to performance data. Use Saleshood’s Correlation Engine or integrate our data with your Business Intelligence (BI) system. Visualize the impact of your investments in sales enablement by geo, segment, team, and individual.

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Sales training content marketplace

Scale and ramp sales teams faster by using SalesHood’s turnkey, on demand sales skills training, sales methodology reinforcement, sales coaching guides, and more. We make it easy to automate Learning, Coaching, and Selling

MEDDICC sales training

Empower your sellers to qualify and close deals faster with our turnkey, on demand MEDDICC sales training.

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Sales training by SalesHood

Use our library of on-demand sales skills training to help remote revenue teams and improve sales performance.

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Impactful Questioning

Sales training that revenue teams need to be authentically curious and closing more business.

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Grow revenue smarter and faster with SalesHood.

Speed is everything, especially in these times. We’ll help you boost the productivity of your teams with modern learning, coaching and selling. Our all-in-one sales enablement platform is purpose built to help you go-to-market smarter and faster. Talk to one of our sales enablement experts today.

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