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Our brand identity is the representation of who we are, what we stand for and how we want to be perceived. In this page, you will learn about the guidelines for our name, logo, and color palette that define our brand.

SalesHood is the verbal representation of our brand that people associate with our company. Please don’t change the spelling, capitalization, or using abbreviations or acronyms including changing the capital “H” to lowercase.

The visual symbol of our brand. It’s the face of our company and represents our values, mission and vision.


Please don’t alter, distort, or use the logo in a way that contradicts the brand’s values. Consent from SalesHood is needed if you’re displaying an affiliation or relationship with the brand.

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Our colors are an essential part of our brand identity. They communicate our brand personality and evoke emotions in our audience. Our color palette consists of primary colors that have been carefully selected to reflect our brand personality. Our two main colors are blue #093364 and green #14D2A0. Open Sans is the main and default font family for SalesHood.

SalesHood’s look and feel is simple, balanced, accessible, trustworthy, and community-focused.

SalesHood’s purpose-built sales enablement solution replicates top performers at scale by speeding up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. Keep your revenue teams in sync with interactive training and onboarding. Replicate winning sales plays with curated content. Consistently close more deals with buyer enablement. 

SalesHood cracked the code to build high performing teams by providing sales enablement software, sales training content, and consulting services together to quickly solve revenue problems. Companies like Activtrak, Alation, Copado, Sage, Trinet, and Planview use SalesHood to realize fast revenue outcomes.

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