Welcome to the Age of Enablement.

At SalesHood, we believe great enablement builds great companies. Why? Because today’s enablement teams have the strategic charter to deliver stories that sell, insights that transform and culture that wins. They are a growth multiplier.


Enablement is at its best when it is organically engaging. So we put collaboration and coaching at the heart of SalesHood, where people learn by doing and share what works with their peers in real time. We made SalesHood mobile, social, and accessible. Anytime. Anywhere.


With SalesHood, enablement multiplies. It multiplies the speed, reach, and adoption of your training. Our enablement platform rich with content, communications, and coaching, multiplies the type and number of programs your enablement team delivers each quarter. Our customers in less than one year have multiplied their revenues and engaged employees to do better than their best.


We warmly welcome you to SalesHood.



We are mobile first in our approach to enablement.



We know how to get teams to share stories and learn from each other.



We ask questions to solve big problems.



We help companies go-to-market faster.



We help scale enablement processes.



We deliver revenue growth.

A Complete Sales Enablement Platform

SalesHood is so much more than technology. We're an extension of your team with our proactive, professional sales enablement experts. With our proven best practice enablement expert system, you'll have access to proven tools and processes ready to be plugged and played by managers, marketers and enablement leaders. Your team will get more done with less resources, which will send your sales surging.


Our proven sales-enablement process

Created by Elay Cohen, who literally wrote the book on sales enablement, our proven process is designed to deliver quick wins, encourage teams to share best practices, collaborate on deals and become aligned on message. Your team stays up-to-date on product knowledge, scales its training easily and reinforces the sales process while highlighting coaching opportunities. The result? Accelerated revenue.


    Benchmark performance to plan a winning enablement strategy

    Build content that is tied to achieving business goals

    Launch initiatives, starting with managers first, for optimal reinforcement

    Measure best practice outcomes to broadly share with teams

The proven process that increased revenues $300 million to $3 billion at Salesforce

While leading Sales Productivity department at Salesforce, we realized that the company was spending millions traveling around the world onboarding, training and certifying our reps. There had to be way, right? So I created a new process that helped send revenues zooming from $300 million to $3 billion! This process led me to create SalesHood to simplify and automate sales productivity for teams of all sizes.


A former Salesforce Executive of the Year, Elay Cohen is credited with creating and executing all of Salesforce's sales productivity programs that spectacularly accelerated its growth tenfold over his tenure as Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity. The sales training and sales support innovations delivered by Elay and his team to thousands of customer facing employees over those years resulted in unprecedented hypergrowth for Salesforce. He also created the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) category. Elay is the author of "SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed."

We look forward to enabling you to be the best you can be.