Sales kickoff 2024 trends and tips

We guarantee in-quarter sales productivity results.

John Guerriere

“SalesHood’s sales enablement solution makes the job of the seller easier, more efficient, and helps them standout from the competition. Our sellers are closing more deals, faster.”

John Guerriere
Penny Springer

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Penny Springer
Cory Ayers

“Within our first 90 days of using SalesHood we generated more pipeline, our deals are getting bigger, and our close rates are improving.”

Cory Ayers SVP SALES
Cory Ayers
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Sales kickoff season is here.
How will you do more with less and still make your number?

Fast start your year by aligning your teams with your sales process, sales plays and messaging before, during and after your sales kickoff.

Smart Recruiters

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2X win rates.

“With SalesHood, our revenue teams deal size is up 400%, win rates are up 2X and deal velocity is up 15%.”

Shelby Powell, Revenue Enablement Manager

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Realize faster results with SalesHood’s sales enablement solution.

SalesHood is easy to use and loved by sales and marketing teams, including your buyers. Improve win-rates, sales cycle time and forecast accuracy with SalesHood.

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Sales Enablement Resources

Here are resources to help you execute high impact sales enablement.


Sales kickoff 2024 trends and tips

Join us on December 7th to hear the latest sales kickoff trends and tips for 2024.


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