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SalesHood launches AI Coach

Our customers grow faster with SalesHood.

“We significantly improved the visibility into our pipeline and forecast predictability and we’re seeing much higher pipeline conversions.”

Penny Springer Vice President, Revenue Enablement
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SalesHood’s AI Coach is an excellent means to enable our teams with immediate coaching feedback on their pitch. The automated AI coaching gives our teams the real time feedback they need to be successful.

Bob Kruzer Director, Revenue Enablement

“Our sales enablement programs with SalesHood contributed to double-digit growth, doubled average selling price, and improved forecast accuracy.”

Alicia Schober Manager, Sales Enablement
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We’ll guide you every step of the way.

SalesHood is much more than just a sales enablement platform. We have the software, sales training content and expert services to help keep your teams in sync, replicate winning sales plays and consistently close more deals.

Introducing Client Sites

“SalesHood’s sales enablement solution makes the job of the seller easier, more efficient, and helps them standout from the competition. Our sellers are closing more deals, faster.”


John Guerriere, Director Revenue Enablement

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Realize faster results with SalesHood’s sales enablement solution.

SalesHood is easy to use and loved by sales and marketing teams, including your buyers. Improve win-rates, sales cycle time and forecast accuracy with SalesHood.

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Keep your teams in sync with interactive training and onboarding

Speed up the impact of your sales enablement programs with role-based learning, interactive training, and pitch practice. Training is bite-sized with micro-assessments. Quickly boost your team’s readiness with AI, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and social learning.

Consistently close more deals with Digital Sales Rooms

Improve sales execution with buyer enablement. Content is easily shared with prospects and customers through personalized digital sites. Collaborate asynchronously with decision teams. Deliver greater forecast accuracy with buyer engagement insights.

Replicate your winning sales plays with curated sales content

Enable your teams with content mastery experiences. Guide your revenue teams with just-in-time sales assets and proven sales plays. Prescribe the next best steps in your buyer’s journey. Measure content effectiveness with CRM insights.

Measure sales performance

Prove the revenue impact of your sales enablement strategy. SalesHood makes it easy to correlate enablement programs to sales performance data. Visualize the impact of your investments in sales enablement.

Sales Enablement Resources

Here are resources to help you execute high impact sales enablement.

SalesHood facilitated MEDDICC MEDDPICC social share

Sales Training

MEDDICC facilitated sales training

Interested in up-leveling your team’s MEDDICC adoption and execution just in time for Q4? Look no further. Learn more about our sales training.


Generative AI for revenue enablement

CEO and co-founder Elay Cohen and our VP of product Brett McBee-Wise revealed the future of Generative AI for revenue enablement. Watch the replay.

Online Course

Sales Enablement Mastery Course

Our on demand, self-paced course will help you learn the core principles and strategies of high-impact sales enablement.

Ready to get started?

Discover how SalesHood will help you achieve breakthroughs in sales productivity. Enable your revenue teams to close more deals, faster and renew every customer.