Modern Buyer’s Journey: 13 Ways To Use Video In Digital Deal Rooms

By Elay Cohen
Try digital sales rooms
Try digital sales rooms

Modern sellers and buyers are relying more and more on digital sales rooms to make more efficient buying decisions, faster. According to Gartner, by 2026, 30% of B2B sales cycles will run through a digital sales room to manage customer lifecycles and the buyer’s journey.

Whether a Fortune 500 or a startup, deal room software aids the buyer enablement process significantly by empowering buyers to make better buying decisions, provide another channel for sales teams to engage, relate, sell and close – and shorten the selling cycle by enhancing buyers confidence in their own decision-making process.

Professional sellers up to date on the latest technology and process advances of virtual selling and asynchronous collaboration have discovered that using video in deal rooms with prospects and customers closes more deals.

What are Digital Deal Rooms?

As a relatively new sales tool you may ask “what is a deal room?”

A deal room is a collaborative space created by sellers for buyers to access information like presentations, demonstrations, case studies, project plans and any other assets requested to help make buying decisions faster. Digital rooms are personalized with welcome messages and videos personalized to a buyer’s unique needs. It’s a great way to build relationships and differentiate from the competition.

Deal rooms provide buyer’s with answers to questions that pertain to their sales process, evaluation criteria and decision-making processes. Adding buyer enablement tools and a secure deal room to your organization’s sales process will help your sales team representatives close more deals faster and be more effective.

How to Use Video In Your Digital Deal Rooms

As stated above to truly capitalize on all of your marketing, sales and buyer enablement efforts – including video in your deal rooms is mandatory.

Including video into your deal room process is so effective at closing deals because it taps our primal instincts building on humans need to network and foster relationships. It’s a natural behavior that we have evolved over countless generations and what makes us human. To sell is to be human.

Below are thirteen ways successful sales and customer success professionals are using videos with prospects and customers to enable buyers to make decisions faster using digital deal rooms and private micro-sites.

#1: Prospecting Outreach Videos

Using video to engage with prospects in a virtual deal room is a great way to differentiate and break through the noise. It’s important to keep your videos short and highly personalized. Here’s a blog including ten tips for video prospecting.

#2: Pre-Meeting Confirmation and Agenda Videos

Prepping for meetings by sending meeting confirmation emails with agendas is a great sales best practice. Now, video is a great way to further personalize he meeting invite. Using videos for pre-meeting confirmations will reduce meeting no-shows and make meetings more effective.

#3: Post-Meeting Recap & Follow Up Videos

After a sales or customer meeting, it’s recommended to send a follow up note recapping what was discussed in the meeting and the next step action items. This is traditionally done in email. Video takes the follow up to the next level with a personalized and professional videos.

#4: Customer Reference and Testimonial Videos

It’s always great to get your customers to share their stories. Using video customer testimonials in your deal room is a great way to drive up urgency and action. They should be often. Map the customer testimonial story to the industry and size of company. These vides are great to share at every step of the sales process.

#5: Demonstrations & Micro-Demonstration Videos

It’s always a great idea to share marketing demonstrations in your deal room. It’s even better to share short video vignettes, customized to a customer’s business problem and unique requirements. These are great assets to share with a buying team so they can assess solution fit asynchronously.

#6: Proposal Explainer Videos

Submitting proposals every day is something that happens a lot. A great way to differentiate oneself from the competition is to record a short video explaining your proposal. Buyers will appreciate the personal touch.

#7: Mutual Success Plan Walk-Through Videos

Co-creating mutual plans is a great way to align buyers and drive urgency and actions. Creating a detailed plan then providing a walkthrough of the line items including due dates, owners and status is a great way to engage buyers. Take your project plans, XLS files and google sheets to the next level then upload and share via secure deal room.

#8: Business Case Value Summary Videos

Some times when we sell, we share a business case to prove the ROI. A business case ranges from complex spreadsheets and calculators to simple “back of the napkin” calculations. Either way, recording the highlights in a video will go a long way to get champions educated and decision markers and influencers aligned.

#9: Customer Success Introduction

Videos are a great way to welcome new customers. It’s a great best practice and very appreciative, when customer success managers record introductory welcome videos. These videos are good to start building relationships and explaining timelines and what’s coming soon from your secure deal room.

#10: Adoption Use Case Videos

The role of customer success is to drive up adoption and value. The role of a customer success manager is to proactively provide insights and ideas to help their customers use more of their products and services. Sending these kind of videos deal room are a great way to help customers success improve retention, at scale. The videos can be customized or part of a library of best practice use case videos customer success managers can use in their deal room.

#11: Customer Support Resolution Videos

Either before, during or after a case is submitted and resolved, a customer support representative can record a video summarizing the issue and resolution and add to deal room. This would be an amazing personal touch that would go a long way to build customer loyalty.

#12: Business Review Recap Videos

The job of a customer success manager is to highlight business metrics, value and insights to customers. These are done in quarterly business reviews and sometimes these are monthly too. A great idea is to pre-record a summary presentation for stakeholders including champions and executive sponsors before a meeting. Another idea is to share the recording after the business review session. Share confidential documents with confidence.

#13: Customer Thank You Videos #gratitude

A final video type that is always highly recommended are sales thank you videos. Sales and customer teams are encouraged to be grateful and record authentic videos thanking their customer partners for their collaboration. Here’s another small tip. Don’t wait until the deal is closed to record one.

Enable Your Teams To Master Virtual Selling

Mastering virtual selling requires a strong buyer enablement strategy. This strategy starts with buyer data that is actionable and up-to-date. A deal room is an excellent way to provide a visual buyer’s journey which provides you with the ability to track progress, benchmark buyer’s behavior against your organization, and optimize your buyer enablement process for better results.

Incorporating online deal room solutions helps with deal progression, document access, due diligence, and keeps confidential documents secure.

Buyers are empowered and educated about products and services, even before first call, which is so crucial in this fast-paced world, especially when buyers are on the phone, now.

Take your buyer enablement processes to the next level and use videos in your deal room to engage your buyer and relate better with them for phenomenal results.

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