How To Scale A “Deal Wins” Program

By Elay Cohen
Download enablement mastery ebook
Download enablement mastery ebook

Deal win video stories are a great way to institutionalize sales knowledge and close more sales. It’s really easy and super efficient these days to capture win stories at scale with mobile and video technologies, like SalesHood. If you look at the data across billions of videos watching seconds within our customer community, sales generated win stories have high engagement and consumption. The high engagement results in improvements in time to productivity and time to ramp.

Deal win story videos are excellent sources of sales motivation, sales education and deal strategy.

Getting Started Tips

Here are proven tips to getting started and building a winning sales culture with a deal win stories program.

  1. Get leadership buy-in and support
  2. Have sales leaders and sales managers nominate deals
  3. Add an incentive
  4. Define questions to answer when recording win stories
  5. Share win stories in onboarding, content library and in deals

How To Use Deal Win Stories In Your Enablement Programs

Here are three ways you can use your deal win stories in your enablement programs.

  1. Organize and curate deal win videos in your sales content library. Organize videos by product, segment and vertical. Make it easy for your teams people to find them.
  2. Use the video deal win stories in your onboarding. The stories and content are gold for new hires. Make it part of their new hire experience to hear from top sellers. You can initiative a challenge where the new hires vote on the top ones and then the top rated stories are followed by actual live sessions in onboarding.
  3. Tag the deal win stories so they show up in your sales automation systems. Prescribe the stories to show up just-in-time in your sales system after a sales person creates an opportunity or starts filling in some qualification data.

TransNational Success Story

Listen to to Michele Schmuhl from Transnational share how her and her team are using deal win stories to close more sales by motivating and educating her sales teams in a fun, engaging way. The have over 650 deal win stories in their library. “Our deal wins speak to our culture. It gives our teams all the information and sales content they need at their finger tips where ever they are.”

If you’d like some help to launch a deal win story program, please start by reviewing our knowledge base or reach out to us for help. We’d love to help you build this into your sales culture and sales cadence. Contact Us

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