Is February Pipeline Month for You?

By Elay Cohen
Download sales territory plan
Download sales territory plan

Is February Pipeline Month for You?

I hope for many of you, the sales kickoff (SKO) craziness is hopefully now over. Your sales teams are now energized, inspired and clear on this year’s priorities. It’s time to get focused on building pipeline and making sure Q1 starts and ends strong.

An important first step is to motivate your sales teams to focus on revenue and prospecting generating activity. As the CEO of your business, you (the sales manager) can start by identifying what specific business problem you’re trying to solve in the month of February and beyond. For example, a top priority for some may be pipeline generation while for others it may be pipeline maturation. Roll up your sleeves and get into your sales performance data. Build a sales training plan for the month that is data informed and helps you exceed your business goals.

Ask yourself what does a successful February look like and how will I measure success.

Working with a team of successful sales managers, we came up with a suggested sales plan for February that is easily integrated with your weekly sales meetings. One of the top goals we talked about a lot is pipeline generation. We discussed ways to empower their sales teams to prioritize time and focus on pipeline generation.

Since February is a short month, we came up with 3 sales meeting topics. Here they are:

Sales Meeting Topic # 1: Plan your Territory

Share tips and expectations around territory planning. Have your sa Territory-Planningles teams share their best practices with each other around account profiling, prioritizationa and prospecting strategies. Create pipeline and revenue goals together. Everyone is aligned and motivated by engaging as team to create the best possible territory plan strategies.

Metric: Approved plans, prioritized accounts, prospecting activity, new pipeline

Sales Meeting Topics # 2: Email & Voice Mail Prospecting

Prospecting Email & Voicemail

The most successful salespeople are the ones that create their own destiny and are experts at shaping demand. In this sales meeting, sales teams will share best practices in creating a prospecting conversation using email and voice sales tools. Sales teams improve their prospecting activity by focusing on customer business issues rather than feature based

prospecting communications.

Metric: New prospect connections, # of emails/voice mails, response rate, new logos

Sales Meeting Topic # 3: Social Research

Social Research

Creating buyer profiles and learning as much as you can about your prospects and buyers is a key success factor in pipeline generation. In this sales meeting, you’ll bring your sales team to talk about best practices

Metric: Response rate, conversion rates

These meetings are intended to last sixty minutes each. They are all ready to go for you to get execute. These are what we call “meetings in a box” for sales managers. You can run them all at once or one a week. Some sales managers have run these sales meeting topics workshop style in an afternoon. Regardless of what your delivery model is, the dialogue, best practices and sales training built into the sales meeting topics listed will result in immediate changed behaviors and revenue generating activity. The sales managers using SalesHood are experiencing it.

Click here and join the SalesHood community, hear how other sales managers are improving their business, and learn more from your sales management peers. Sales Managers already in SalesHood, as always please reach out if you need any assistance to blow out your February goals and targets.

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