Sales Managers Share Tips for a November Sales Push

By Elay Cohen
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Sales Managers Share Tips for a November Sales Push

You’ve just finished another great month or maybe it was an “ok” month. November is now here and it’s time to get the most out of a shorter month. I spent some time talking with some sales managers this week about what they want their sales teams to do this coming month. The end of the year is fast approaching so focus is a top priority. Here is a summary of our conversation:

  1. Focus on bringing in what is forecasted
  2. Pull in what you can from pipeline
  3. Prioritize prospecting to fill the pipeline

Action # 1: Focus on avoiding any surprises on what is forecasted

Work with sales teams to ensure what is forecasted doesn’t slip. Do what you can to avoid late deal surprises. Make sure you avoid happy ears. Challenge your sales teams to answer these important questions about their deals: Is there a reason why this deal won’t come in? Have we confirmed (and reconfirmed) the decision making process with our champions? Have close plans been reviewed by the customer? What happens if the customer does nothing? Are there any red flags or roadblocks that need to be removed?

Action # 2: Pull in what you can from pipeline

Chances are your sales team has some deals that can be brought forward by applying the right attention. Spend some time looking through your foreward pipeline. Have your sales team be rigorous about which deals can be accelerated with the right amount of urgency. Consider having everyone on your sales team apply these questions to their larger pipeline deals: Is there a compelling event? What is the core business issue that needs to be solved? Is there any benefit to your customer to solving sooner? Can you quantify it? Remind your sales teams that they can improve the quality of their pipeline by uncovering customer business issues that need to be solved immediately.

Action # 3: Prioritize prospecting to fill the pipeline

Remind your sales teams that they should always be prospecting. Maybe they have already made their number and they want to make accelerators. Or maybe they need the push to get that much closer to the beach in Hawaii to join their team mates who already made club? Remind your sales team that every prospecting push counts and staying hungry at this time of the year uncovers new projects that could turn into big end of year deals. Have your team set aside some time every day and do some focused, business issue oriented, prospecting.

If you want to learn more about how to immediately operationalize these recommendations with your sales teams, Try SalesHood. Happy Halloween and have a great selling month in November.

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