Sales & Marketing Content Fest

By Elay Cohen
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Sales & Marketing Content Fest

2015 ushered in a new era for sales and marketing with video storytelling, content crowdsourcing, and peer coaching. We see an increase in rep-to-rep, mobile-to-mobile content sharing inspired by innovative marketers publishing playbooks, pitches, customer stories, buyer profiles, prospecting templates. We see sales teams consuming and enriching content together.

Mobile and video in the enterprise is turning static and undiscoverable files into bite sized, “snack-able” content, bi-directionally shared between sellers and marketers.

Sales professionals finally have relevant and practical mobile content they need to run their territories and engage customers. Marketers feel appreciated because sales teams happily consume content and share best practices. Product messaging is more efficiently distributed to sales teams with mobile videos making learning fun and ongoing. CROs and CMOs have transparency on what sales content is working and isn’t working. We see finger pointing replaced by high fives. It’s a sales and marketing contest fest.

Here are content creation principles, optimized for mobile and video, resulting in higher content consumption by sales teams and better content effectiveness for marketers:

Executive pitch selling tools include pitch decks, discovery maps, post-meeting summaries, and executive proposals mapped to buying-process steps and tailored to customer needs.

Short and frequent pitch contests, where sellers record their pitches and score each other, make practicing the pitch fun and competitive. The transparency from peer scoring makes everyone better by learning from each other.

Collate and curate compelling customer stories and references by industry and by product, emphasizing business challenges. Sellers appreciate customer videos that are short, rich with emotion, and quantifiable.

Product playbooks are grounded in role-plays and deal reviews to practice elevator pitches, target customer profiling, discovery questions, customer stories, solution overviews, value calculators, and common objections; all by industry.

Buyer profiles by role include “day in the life” video interviews, typical priorities, top initiatives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) arming sales with to uncover challenges and engage in rich conversation.

Competitive battle cards focus on overcoming competitive strengths and strategically planting traps around weaknesses, without bashing the competition.

Capture deal win stories on video from sellers as deals close. Scale how winning deal stories, “plays,” and tools are shared.

Email, Linkedin Inmail and voice mail examples are great to jump start prospecting. What’s even more valuable is prospecting success stories. Sellers sharing successful prospecting rhythm is gold.

Assess content activity and close the feedback loop on what content is being used and what content is not being used. Tie back content consumption to performance data.

Content effectiveness leaderboards are shared with sellers and used to prescribe content daily consumption recommendations that are pushed to mobile devices.

I believe CROs should always be clear on what tools are needed to support their go to market. Don’t be shy. Tell marketing what you need. CMOs should depend on crowdsourcing winning tools from top performing sellers as a scalable content development strategy. Marketers know they don’t have all the answers and are in need of smart sellers to show them the way.

What are some of your innovative sales content strategies and sales communications you’ve deployed recently with your sales teams?

We look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts on building a content love fest between sales and marketing.

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