SalesHood – A Tribute to Sales Managers

By Elay Cohen
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Download enablement mastery ebook

SalesHood – A Tribute to Sales Managers

Here is an excerpt from the back cover of my book I’m publishing with GreenLeaf. The book is called SalesHood: How WInning Sales Managers Engage Sales Teams to Succeed. The book is available to preorder on Amazon. Click here to preorder it.

SalesHood Book Description (back cover)

First-line sales managers are the backbone of every sales
organization. They’re where the rubber meets the road in pipeline generation,
revenue growth, and customer success. They make sure the deals come in, month
after month. They run the business locally in their territory. They coach and mentor one of the most important assets every company has, their salespeople. Winning sales managers are
entrepreneurs. They are the “mayors” of our corporations. They make it happen.

At, Elay Cohen created and executed the sales
productivity programs that played a big part in accelerating the company’s growth
to a $3 billion–plus enterprise. The
innovation delivered over these years by Elay and his team resulted in
unprecedented sales management excellence. Based on that experience, Elay embarked
on a journey to help every company in the world grow like The sales manager quickly emerged as a
central character, the hero, in the story.

After working with many organizations and talking with many
sales managers, Elay confirmed that sales managers hold the power to scale success
and growth. It became apparent that empowering sales managers to own and
execute their own sales programs, as entrepreneurs would, became the focus of
this book and his technology company.

In this tribute to sales managers, Cohen shares how sales
managers can build an inspired, engaged team, equipping them with best
practices and tools to accelerate sales performance. He reveals, among many
other lessons, how sales managers can nurture a winning sales culture; build a world-class
selling machine that encourages salespeople to share best practices and learn
from each other and execute sales processes, playbooks, and deals in a way that
gives their salespeople the winning edge.

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