Eight Proven Ways To Increase Salesforce Adoption

By Elay Cohen
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Companies are spending billions of dollars buying and implementing Salesforce cloud-based software. Why are companies and leaders still struggling to increase adoption and value? Teams are not properly trained and motivated to use Salesforce software. Leaders are not reinforcing their Salesforce processes and investments. Companies are not celebrating successes and wins of the Salesforce software.

We have big change management issues happening with Salesforce software. Here are eight ways to increase Salesforce software adoption.

Prescribe Just-In-Time, In-Context Sales Content From the SalesHood Library in Salesforce

Most companies have a lot of great sales content that is marketing generated and crowdsourced from top performers. The problem we hear from companies is: “Our salespeople and teams can’t find sales content when they need it most. They’re spending time looking for sales content versus engaging customers and working deals.” How do we tag and serve up sales content just-in-time and in-context in Salesforce? It’s great to do this by sales stage on the Opportunity Page Layout. Prescriptive just-in-time sales content from the SalesHood Library increases Salesforce adoption by getting people doing more work in Salesforce. It reduces time to revenue, increases win-rates and boosts sales attainment. It’s also a great way to keep marketing aligned with sales.

Prescribe In-Context Sales Coaching From The SalesHood Library In Salesforce

Tag your sales training and coaching videos in the SalesHood Library to automate when they should be watched and accessed by your teams. For example, tag sales training and coaching videos to display on the Salesforce Opportunity Page at the right sales stage. Tag sales content by Qualification and Discovery for earlier sales stages while tagging sales content by Contracts and Procurement for consumption in later sales stages. Always keep your teams focused on the right activities and accessing the right content at the right time. Have managers reinforce sales process activities with coaching and development questions that are tied to sales stages too. Make every moment and learning and coaching moment.

Record Deal Win Video Stories In SalesHood After Deals Are Won

Convert deal wins into repeatable and accessible win stories. As deals are closed as WON in Salesforce, have notifications sent out to your teams asking managers and reps to record their amazing deal wins. You can also do this by subscribing to Reports in Salesforce and getting daily or weekly reports of new deal wins. Update the deal win interview questions in the SalesHood Deal Win Story Recorder to have your teams follow your sales methodology, just like they were being interviewed by a live person. It’s a great way to scale how your company captures deal wins. SalesHood software help you convert your non-scalable deal win email blasts into culture building and revenue accelerating deal-win video stories. Don’t forget that deal win video stories are transcribed by SalesHood software and easily searchable in the SalesHood Library. The win stories are also easily tagged by industry, competitor or product to share in Salesforce on the Opportunity page or self-discovered in the SalesHood Library.

Do Executive Video Broadcast Stories In SalesHood

Have sales leaders record pipeline and forecast expectations and updates using SalesHood Stories with video over Salesforce Dashboards and Reports. It’s a great way to show teams that data and activities are being reinforced. Modern and successful sales leaders are doing weekly broadcasts in SalesHood motivating teams to keep their deals up to date in Salesforce.

Do Account Briefs And Deal Reviews In SalesHood Huddles

Get teams collaborating on deals and accounts with reviews and video stories in SalesHood Huddles. It’s a fast and easy way to get everyone on a deal and account team briefed and aligned. It’s also great for teams that are busy and distributed.

Measure Content Effectiveness in SalesHood

Measure sales content that is tagged in SalesHood to Salesforce Opportunities to know what content is working and what content isn’t working. Correlate content usage with sales data to know what content is being used and having an impact on the bottom-line.

Include Sales Process And Salesforce Training In New Sales Hire Onboarding

Do video walkthroughs of how to use Salesforce and how top performers are closing more deals. It’s a great idea to have your top performers do the videos and share testimonials of the value they get from using Salesforce to help them close deals. Manager testimonial videos are great to do too. Set up a SalesHood Huddle to crowdsource these video stories and tips from your teams. Use the videos in new hire onboarding SalesHood Learning Paths.

Record Win-Back Stories After A Deal Is Lost

Sometimes we do lose deals. It happens. Learn from losses and use SalesHood Stories as a way to capture the loss reasons and set a strategy for a deal win-back in the future. Run a weekly Salesforce Report to notify managers and salespeople to spend five minutes recording their win-back loss story. Build this process to boost attainment and win-rates.

The SalesHood Sales Enablement Software Platform helps improve sales productivity by increasing Salesforce adoption. SalesHood helps optimize training, onboarding, prescriptive content, real-time coaching, account briefs, deal reviews and executive communications with video storytelling to boost sales attainment, increase win-rates and improve time to ramp.

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