How to Win Your Employees’ Trust

By Elay Cohen
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Be transparent.

We need to be clear on why we’re asking our teams to focus on their priorities and goals. Leaders should openly share metrics and performance about how the business is doing. For example, every week I record a video sharing with my team how we’re doing against all of company metrics like revenue, bookings, pipeline generated, net promoter score and customer satisfaction.

Be authentic.

Always tell people the truth. Look people in the eyes when you’re speaking with them. Speak from the heart. Offer genuine support and feedback. Share personal stories. For me this looks like walking around the office asking people how they’re doing and what they’re working on and offering up assistance. Folks know I mean it and it goes a long way to build trust.

Be consistent.

Trust is built on consistency. Teams want to know they can depend on their leaders to be there for them. Consistency refers to communications, actions and feedback. For example, every week we have an “all hands” company meeting and we check-in with each other by sharing wins, goals, successes and gratitude. We don’t miss a week.

Be approachable.

Leaders should make time for open forums and town hall style conversations. Leaders are coachable too. The best leaders make time to listen to their teams and are open to feedback to suggestions and improvements. I’ll send out note letting our team know when I have open times on my calendar. I offer the opportunity for one-on-one time to anyone in my company, anytime.

Be empowering.

The best leaders build trust by distributing creativity and decision-making to individual contributors and managers. When teams are empowered to innovate they are energized to exceed goals resulting in loyalty and trust. I’m a very curious leader and I ask a lot of open-ended questions to help inspire fresh thinking and ownership of solving problems.

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