Ewing-Foley sells deeper and wider Into accounts

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Ramp Time
Tim Lewis
Director, Sales Enablement
“We use SalesHood’s Digital Sites to sell deeper and wider into our accounts. We’re able to force multiply our sales efforts to get more information out to our customers, faster.”

Ewing-Foley uses SalesHood’s Sales Enablement Platform to easily get product information to their buyers and markets with targeted benefits, personalized messaging, and resources. With SalesHood’s digital sites Ewing-Foley sells deeper and wider into existing accounts – enabling them to force multiply their efforts in existing accounts, getting the right information to customers, faster.

Ewing Foley’s challenge was how to efficiently reach and sell to a dispersed network of distributors, contractors, consultants, and end-users. Listen to Tim Lewis, Sales Enablement Director at Ewing Foley, explain how his sales teams engage buyers with digital selling techniques and tools. They’re able to force multiply their sales efforts to get more information out to their customers, faster.

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