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Bill Dougherty
Chief Information Security Officer
“SalesHood is the Enablement Platform we rely on to multiply the productivity of our teams with modern learning and coaching.”

Omada Health, a San Francisco-based digital care firm that leverages technology for both prevention and management of diabetes. The company works with major employers and insurers to reduce or control health care costs related to these conditions by delivering better health outcomes. Omada uses customized online coaching, weekly interactive sessions and a virtual community generate engagement, while connected devices enable individuals to meals, workouts, weight and medication schedule. Machine learning recognizes interruptions in routine and notifies a coach to intervene.

“When we onboard an employee, they have a steep learning curve,” Bill Dougherty, Chief Information Security Officer says. “HIPAA, the healthcare economy, our suite of programs—they have to learn a lot. SalesHood has proved a very effective partner, one that’s solved a huge problem for us by getting our employees up to date quickly.”

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