Aragon Identifies Saleshood Among 14 Major Providers in the Sales Enablement Platforms Market

  • June 16, 2021

Aragon Research identifies fourteen major providers in its fourth annual Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms, 2021, published today. The report states that the sales enablement platform market is now poised for the next part of its evolution—the shift to intelligence.

At the core, SEP providers offer two sets of features:

  • Sales Content Management and Automation—manage and share content in a multitude of forms—text documents, presentations and videos.
  • Sales Communications—organize cadences of communications with customers via email, phone, messaging, and video, and help them to understand engagement via advanced content analytics.

Now, the market is shifting and expanding beyond these core capabilities to the next level, guided selling, which Aragon is calling Part Two of sales enablement. This shift to intelligence means that SEPs are beginning to leverage sophisticated analytics to provide more insight into the sales process. Intelligent SEPs will be able to provide input and guidance to sales reps and managers about the right content to share and what to do at each stage of a deal.

Thanks to the increased use of machine and deep learning, Aragon predicts that by YE 2024, 50% of the SEP providers will add real-time AI-based intelligence to their platforms (75% probability).

“The room for opportunity in this market is not going unnoticed by enterprises, and nearly all SEP providers have seen growth in recent years that we don’t see slowing down any time soon,” says CEO of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy. “This report shares our in-depth examination of fourteen providers who are making a difference in this growing market.”

The providers evaluated in this Globe report include: Bigtincan, Brainshark, Conquer, Highspot, Outreach, Pitcher, Revenue Grid, ringDNA, Saleshood, SalesLoft, Seismic, Showpad, vablet, and VanillaSoft.

Enterprises should look at sales enablement platforms as a must-have for any sales organization and use this report to help them begin evaluating SEP providers. Aragon clients can access the Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms, 2021 in the AIN client community or on

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