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SalesHood Launches Coaching Command Center for Front-Line Managers to Scale Virtual Sales Coaching

  • November 24, 2020


SalesHood Launches Coaching Command Center for Front-Line Managers to Scale Virtual Sales Coaching

SalesHood Offers Front-Line Sales Managers An Easy To Use Coaching Dashboard, Curated With Prescriptive Coaching Activities, Performance Leaderboards and Team Videos


SalesHood, the leading Sales Enablement Platform, for sales and marketing professionals, is announcing new coaching capabilities for front-line managers to increase attainment, boost win-rates and provide personalized coaching at scale to enable every revenue team member to reach their maximum announced that Dan Dal Degan, Operating Executive at Marlin Equity Partners, is joining its Board of Directors. Dan Dal Degan (DDD) brings significant SaaS-industry leadership and go-to-market and M&A experience to SalesHood. DDD has a lengthy track record of accelerated revenue growth at some of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing SaaS companies. 

“We’re excited to release more innovation for virtual sales coaching,” says Elay Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of SalesHood. “We’re committed to helping front-line managers be better at developing their remote teams and boosting their win rates.”

The role of the sales manager in driving consistently high-performance teams has never been more important as sellers are bombarded with more changes than ever in today’s virtual selling environment. According to the Aragon Research Globe for Sales Coaching and Learning, “By year-end 2021, 55% of enterprises will shift to digital sales coaching and learning.”

“High performing sales organizations are now making sales coaching and learning a daily habit,” says CEO of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy. “Top salespeople are constantly practicing, and the best managers conduct regular coaching.” Despite the known correlation between coaching and performance, managers and their teams have been unable to embed this practice into their daily workflows.     


SalesHood’s latest Coaching Dashboard release enhancements closes this gap by providing an easy-to-use “Command Center” where managers provide personalized coaching at scale through:

Graphical Program Tracker: Front-line managers are provided a graphical data-driven timeline with drill down tasks, to view programs and coaching activities for their teams.

Team Leaderboards: Front-line managers are presented reporting summaries showing how their people are performing against engagement, completion and performance metrics. 

Curated Team Videos: Submitted videos, like pitches, demonstration, presentation dry-runs, deal wins, and stories, are curated in one place for managers to filter, review, comment and celebrate.

Prioritized Coaching Activities: Front-line managers are informed, wherever they are, and on any device (desktop or mobile), with automated coaching activities for pitch practice, role-plays, quizzing, assessments and story submissions by their team.

“SalesHood is an amazing sales enablement platform for our revenue teams to quickly learn our sales plays, get coached by their managers and close more deals faster,” says Patrick Blair, CRO, Yext. “As a leader, it’s great to use the action-oriented leaderboards and curated videos to provide meaningful coaching feedback.”

Learn more about SalesHood’s sales coaching enhancements here

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