SalesHood CEO and Co-founder Elay Cohen Releases Latest Book, Enablement Mastery, To Enable Organizational Excellence

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  • January 8, 2019

Former Top Salesforce Exec Spells Out How Enablement as a Business Strategy Multiplies Revenue and Growth in 2019


Elay Cohen, CEO and co-founder of SalesHood, a leading sales enablement automation platform, today announced the launch of his latest book, Enablement Mastery. The book distills Cohen’s expertise in the emerging discipline of business enablement — a field he pioneered in part during his eight years at Salesforce, where he created and executed sales training and coaching programs that boosted Salesforce from a $500 million company to an enterprise worth more than $3 billion. The book is available for sale now.

With the rise of interactive and visual technology that engages users — including mobile, video, sales automation, micro-learning and micro-content platforms, and AI/machine learning — people are consuming information in ways that were unthinkable in the past. At the same time, companies are struggling with employee productivity, retention and culture. Innovative business leaders are embracing technology to engage their teams in ways that enable them to perform at their peak and have fun doing it.

“We’re witnessing a shift in how modern companies are embracing business disciplines like human capital management, learning and development,” Cohen said. “Today’s executive knows that enablement is a business strategy that can align people, processes and priorities and accelerate growth. Enablement has moved beyond a training and onboarding discipline to become a strategic imperative that requires a data-driven mindset, resource investments, organizational alignment and buy-in to be effective. Yet for the vast majority of leaders and front-line managers, enablement remains a black box. I wrote Enablement Mastery to be the playbook that unlocks that box.”

There is no formal training, coaching or mentoring for professionals who do enablement, and it’s usually an afterthought in go-to-market strategies. Enablement Mastery teaches CEOs how to execute enablement as a business process. It maps out a clear path for creating a winning enablement culture at scale. Key pillars outlined in Cohen’s enablement process map include:

  • Aligning go-to-market across teams and functions
  • Nurturing a learning culture
  • Creating compelling communications
  • Elevating customer engagement
  • Measuring achievements and performance.

The book also shares proven best practices, tools, templates, checklists and success stories from companies that have embraced enablement as a top priority.

“Elay Cohen has captured a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the years to give us the what, the why and the how of sales enablement,” said Howard Dover, Ph.D., Director, Center for Professional Sales at UT Dallas. “Enablement Mastery provides honest and personal insight by sharing the pros and cons, the highs and lows, of Elay’s journey as a sales enablement leader including valuable ideas and game plans to help others on their journey.”

Forward-thinking CEOs and leadership teams at companies like Alteryx, DocuSign, RingCentral and Yext are embracing the principles of Enablement Mastery and realizing revenue multipliers. Plans are also underway to embed the principles of enablement into courses at higher education establishments such as Northern Illinois University.

Before he founded SalesHood in 2013, Cohen spent eight years at Salesforce where he was the Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity. He was recognized by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff as the “2011 Top Executive” of the year. Enablement Mastery is Cohen’s second book. His first, SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed, was published in 2014.

To purchase a copy of Enablement Mastery, visit or find it on Amazon. You can follow Elay Cohen on twitter @ElayCohen. For more information on working with Elay Cohen, Enablement Mastery or SalesHood, email enablement(at)

What Others Are Saying About Enablement Mastery

Elay is hands down the best enablement leader I’ve worked with over the years. Enablement Mastery is the proven playbook for CEOs and leadership teams to embrace if you want to transform culture by aligning and enabling teams as scale.
Rob Acker, CEO,

Elay Cohen is a legend in the sales enablement industry, and I wholeheartedly endorse his new book, Enablement Mastery. Anyone starting or looking to improve their sales learning function needs to read this book first.
Brian Frank, former Vice President Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn

If you want to know how to make your organization achieve revenue excellence and shorten your learning curve, then read Enablement Mastery. Elay’s book is practical, proven, uniquely insightful and based on experience and hard lessons from the trenches. It’s the holy grail of enablement. It contains the schematic — now execute!
Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D., Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sales, Northern Illinois University

If you are a professional sales leader or are a non-profit trying to have more meaningful conversations with your customers or donors, this book is for you.
Lynne Smith, Vice President, Digital Services, United Way Worldwide

A masterpiece and a captivating roadmap to not only shape your vision for sales enablement, but also help you blend the right enablement culture, organizational design and process for a successful go-to-market strategy. A must read for any leaders in sales, marketing, and learning and development roles in modern organizations.
Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., Marketing & Sales Professor, Faculty Director for Leadership in Digital Marketing & Sales Transformation, The Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business School

As a CFO, enablement as a percentage of revenue is something I think about a lot, and I believe every C-suite member should be an evangelist of enablement. Enablement Mastery is a great roadmap for companies to tie enablement strategies with company strategies versus being an afterthought.
Elena Gomez, Chief Financial Officer, Zendesk

Book - Enablement Mastery

“Today’s executive knows that enablement is a business strategy that can align people, processes and priorities and accelerate growth,” said Cohen. “Yet for the vast majority of executives, enablement remains a black box. I wrote Enablement Mastery to be the playbook that unlocks that box.”

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