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How Do You Know If Your Sales Enablement Is Working?

  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • January 27, 2022


If you’ve embraced sales enablement to give your sales and marketing teams an edge, you’re in good company. Sales enablement has become a must-have revenue growth lever for companies around the world.


According to Godard Abel, CEO at B2B tech marketplace G2: “Sales enablement has recently surged in popularity, with nearly half a million buyers researching sales enablement software on G2 during the past year. The category is growing over 30% annually. With sales enablement software properly implemented and activated, reviewers report seeing dramatic lifts in win rate, sales, and quota attainment.”


To be sure, these are promising indicators of success. But in many cases, they tell you nothing about the efficacy of your sales enablement strategy.


So how can you know if your sales enablement is actually working?


Below are three focus areas to help you diagnose the effectiveness of your sales enablement strategy.


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