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Mastering Enablement

  • Accelerate
  • February 26, 2019

Accelerate interviews Sheevaun Thatcher, Head of Global Sales and Growth Enablement at RingCentral

Tell us what sales enablement means to RingCentral.
Sheevaun: Sales Enablement has become a transformation engine at RingCentral. We revamped our Onboarding Program (called FITE CLUB) as well as created a one-stop-shop for content (called InfoCentral). Those 2 programs helped the RC stock move from low-$20s to over $90 in about a year!

What is one enablement tool that is a must have for your team? How do you measure its effectiveness on your sales enablement efforts?
Sheevaun: We use SalesHood for our enablement and training platform. It allows us to effectively reach all sales and services “clients” as well as scale the deliverables easily. We have a large sales team (1,000+).

SalesHood provides dashboards to measure assessment scores, time actively learning, who is doing the work and who is not, and other measures. We download the content and combine it with Salesforce to get a true picture of impact.

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