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Peer-To-Peer Learning Is A Fast Path To Building A High-Performing Sales Culture

  • Forbes
  • October 31, 2022

Leaders ask me all the time: “What’s the secret to building a high-performing sales culture?” The short answer is sales enablement. Though not a new concept, it uses relevant learning, coaching and content to align revenue teams’ people, process and priorities. Nowadays, it includes all customer-facing professionals gaining the competence, confidence and content to optimize their ongoing impact and maximize every buyer interaction.

However, while sales enablement plays a big part in boosting sales efficiency and sales effectiveness, creating and executing sales enablement programs and tools don’t automatically create a substantial impact. For the greatest effect, it’s necessary for companies to lean on their talent.

Enter Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing

True high-impact sales enablement is grounded in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. The power of learning from peers is the foundation in building a winning sales culture. After all, salespeople always share their winning plays and losses, even though it’s mostly informal.

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