SalesHood Expands Executive Team to Accelerate Growth

An Action Plan For Scaling High-Impact Sales Enablement

  • Forbes
  • December 27, 2021

What CEO doesn’t want to quickly develop high-performing sales teams and deliver predictable revenue growth to its stakeholders? Sales enablement is a growth lever to boost productivity and grow revenue faster, and a well-planned and executed sales enablement strategy will get teams performing better, faster. High-impact sales enablement can drive flawless execution in every customer interaction and conversation across all customer-facing employees and partners. When executed at scale, expect your teams to sell better, win more deals, ramp faster and improve every customer engagement.

As a leader at a company that offers a sales enablement platform, I’ve observed that many leading technology post IPO companies are embracing modern sales enablement, and it’s amazing to see how sales enablement is increasingly a C-level boardroom conversation and frequently discussed on public company earnings calls, too. Wondering where to start and what great sales enablement looks like?

Here are six actionable imperatives to scale high-impact sales enablement.

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