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How Sales Enablement Drives Hyper Growth

  • Sales3.0
  • March 14, 2019

The early Salesforce days were some of the best in my career. As Salesforce’s senior vice president, sales productivity, I saw us come together as a company under strong leadership and with a vision of creating and dominating the market.

Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and the leadership team decided to invest heavily in enablement as a go-to-market priority. As a result, we doubled down on enabling our sales, customer success, and partner teams with training, onboarding, coaching, certifications, and content. 

We also did everything possible to get our teams productive faster and closing bigger deals. We built a world-class enablement program to energize and educate our teams. We knew we had to grab market share and we believed the right strategy was increasing the competence and confidence of our teams. 

Looking back, it’s easy to see how this targeted focus on adopting sales enablement initiatives spurred Salesforce’s incredible growth and success.

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