Impactful Questioning (IQ)

Improve sales execution, increase win-rates and predictably close more deals by empowering your teams to ask more effective questions across your customer journey. SalesHood’s AI-powered Impactful Questioning (IQ) framework is the perfect solution to create or customize or reinforce a winning sales process. Better questioning skills with SalesHood IQ will yield better conversations resulting in more predictable revenue.  

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Creating a sales culture and buyer-centric go-to-market engagement model grounded in asking better questions will enable your teams to increase sales, win more deals, shorten sales cycles and build better relationships.

Be your customer. Understand them. Understand their issues, impacts, ideals, intents, influencers and investments.

Understand and practice asking open-ended questions with AI including strong first questions, tell me more questions, example questions, clarification and impact questions to help uncover customer pain points, motivations and priorities. Asking effective, impactful sales questions is crucial to understanding your customers’ needs and providing them with the right solutions.

SalesHood IQ is turnkey with bite-sized video Lessons that are reinforced with a personal AI Coach.

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Copado success story

Within Copado's first 90 days of using SalesHood they realized improvements in win-rates, ASP and attainment. More of their sellers are closing more deals.

What's included with SalesHood IQ?


Strategy & Process Design


Skills Training Video Lessons


Assessments, Role-Playing & Certifications


AI Coaching & Deal Reviews


Sales Process Activation


CRM Impact Reporting

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