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Introducing MEDDPICC for SalesHood

Get everyone in the organization speaking the same language with MEDDPICC sales methodology techniques and practices. Qualify deals more efficiently, mitigate deal risks, improve forecasting accuracy, drive urgency with your buyers and drive an accelerated and higher-performing sales process.



MEDDPICC is one of the most popular and effective sales methodologies in B2B SaaS. It’s a commonly used framework for empowering sales organizations to qualify deals faster and more effectively. MEDDPICC stands for:


METRICS: Drive urgency in deals

ECONOMIC BUYERS: Improve forecast accuracy

DECISION CRITERIA: Qualify deals faster

DECISION PROCESS: Progress deals faster

PAPER PROCESS: Close with certainty

IMPLICATIONS OF PAIN: Close bigger deals faster

CHAMPIONS: Mitigate deal risks

COMPETITION: Boost win-rates


MEDDPICC by SalesHood is on-demand and ready to be used by your sales team, today. Fill out the form and have one of our sales enablement experts give you a tour of how MEDDPICC by SalesHood works.


Let’s get your team quickly selling better and closing more deals.