Why Selling Through Curiosity™ Works

Selling Through Curiosity™ is a one of a kind sales training program.

Be authentically curious

One of the most important skills your sales and customer success teams need to master is being authentically curious. Imagine what would happen to your win-rates and deal size if your team was collectively better at asking open-ended, layering, and example questions? 

Creating a sales culture and buyer-centric engagement model grounded in curiosity will enable your teams to increase sales, reduce discounting, increase average deal size, and shorten sales cycles. Another benefit of being more curious is your teams will serve your customers better and build long-term relationships. 

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Why do leaders choose Selling Through Curiosity™

We hear over and over from sales leaders that their deals get stuck or go silent way too often, and that revenue forecasts are unpredictable and inaccurate.  

How many of your deals end up as ‘gone silent’ or ‘no decision’ losses? Too many, probably. Selling Through Curiosity™ will help you solve these sales effectiveness issues. 

What revenue problems does Selling Through Curiosity™ solve?

Most revenue teams are underperforming and struggling with sales efficiency across these dimensions:

Deal qualification

Pipeline progression

Win rates

Cycle time

Follow a Proven Sales Training Process

Sales training programs fail because they lack reinforcement. With SalesHood and Selling Through Curiosity™ we offer a proven framework to assess, activate, train, coach, guide, engage, and measure sales effectiveness.

Since 90% of what is trained is forgotten within 30 days, with Selling Through Curiosity™, we curate a training and reinforcement experience that is ongoing and integrated with the cadence of your business.

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Here's the secret sauce of Selling Through Curiosity™

For over 30+ years, Selling Through Curiosity™ continues to be the most sought-after sales training in Silicon Valley, credited with producing billions of dollars in revenue and shareholder value. Deliver Selling Through Curiosity™ in-person or virtually to train distributed direct and indirect salespeople without taking teams out of the field. There is no other technology designed to optimize sales team effectiveness, distance learning, and peer-to-peer best practice sharing.

Here's what great Sales Enablement look likes

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