SmartRecruiters Customer Story

SmartRecruiters was struggling with outdated content, no content control and no impact data.

After rolling out SalesHood's Client Sites, SmartRecruiters realized incredible breakthroughs in sales productivity.

Deal size is up 4X.
Win rates are up 2X.
Deal velocity is up 15%.

Plus they realized non-quantifiable benefits.

Better alignment with marketing
Improved buying experience for their customers
Deal health insights improves forecasting accuracy.


Customer testimonial

“Digital Client Sites are a great barometer of pipeline health sharing deal insights of greatness or red flags based on engagement.”

Caitlin Brannan, Director, Revenue Enablement

With SalesHood, our revenue teams deal velocity is up 15% and deal size is up 400%

Quantifiable benefits

  • 4X

    Deal size
  • 2X

    More likely to buy
  • 15%

    Deal velocity

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