Generative AI for sales: Success stories and lessons learned

March 28th 10:00 am pst

Join us on March 28th for a session on “Empowering sales with AI – success stories and lessons learned.”  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how AI empowers revenue teams to efficiently and quickly be “audible ready” with real-time coaching feedback. 

Alyssa Sassor from ReliaQuest and Matthew Magne from Alation will share insights lessons learned implementing AI and doing more with less.

What you’re learn from this webinar:

  1. Real-life AI examples to provide real-time pitch feedback
  2. How easy it is to launch AI-powered enablement 
  3. The benefits of leaning into AI

Elay Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of SalesHood. Elay a world-renowned pioneer, leader and author in the field of sales enablement. Elay is on a mission to replicate sales success at scale by delivering sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. Elay is the former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity at Salesforce from $300M to $3B in revenue.

Revenue Enablement Manaager

A strong leader with the ability to drive retention, increase sales, and develop strategies for customer retention. As an experienced and self-motivated Revenue Enablement Manager with seven years in the industry, I have overseen strategic partnerships effectively.

Technical Sales Enablement Manager

I’m a lifelong learner that grew up loving computers and music, then realized I enjoy teaching and enabling people to become more effective and sharing best practices – whether that’s at entrepreneurship or sales or technical sales. I love music, play guitar, write songs and gig regularly with a guitar duo called Vintage Misfits and once had a song on the MTV RoadRules sountrack.