Launch event

MEDDICC AI solution by SalesHood

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Get ready to be mind blown by SalesHood’s MEDDICC AI game changing solution, just in time for Q4 and sales kickoff season. MEDDICC AI enables revenue teams to master MEDDICC with training, reinforcement coaching and deal reviews augmented by generative AI. 


MEDDICC AI launch agenda:

  1. What is MEDDICC AI?
  2. MEDDICC AI solution live demo
  3. MEDDICC prompts explainer
  4. Getting started

MEDDICC AI is a revolutionary solution only available in SalesHood’s sales enablement platform.

Sr. Director Customer Experience

Tait leads SalesHood’s customer success and services teams. Tait, fuses strategy, experience and best practices with SalesHood’s sales enablement solution to ensure every SalesHood customer achieves recurring revenue outcomes. Tait is a recognized enablement leader with may years of real sales enablement experience deliver thought leadership and best practices to our customers and the industry.

Experienced enablement leader

Giorgia is a revenue enablement leader with experience in SAAS, cloud and fast-growth organizations. Giorgia has a proven track record building sales initiatives and launching sales methodologies that drive improved knowledge, confidence, and effectiveness. Giorgia’s innovations and impact have resulted in improvements in rep adoption, sales productivity, ramp time and rep turnover. Giorgia is a world-recognized revenue enablement practitioner and thought leader.