MEDDICC + AI = unstoppable sales execution

Watch replay 40 minutes

Sales execution is a massive priority for sales leaders in 2024. And if you’re leveraging the MEDDICC framework, what’s more important than training, adoption, and ongoing reinforcement? SalesHood has you covered.

Enter SalesHood’s MEDDICC + AI offering. Predictably win more deals by guiding sellers on what to do, what to share and what to say — all with MEDDICC framework and leveraging the power of AI.

Spend some time watching this amazing webinar replay where we walked through why MEDDICC and AI go hand-in-hand. What’s more exciting than:

  • AI-powered MEDDICC deal reviews and deal coaching
  • Training reinforcement for each letter in MEDDICC
  • Turnkey MEDDICC library with guides, template and training

The proof is in the pudding, with guaranteed in-quarter results — do the following outcomes interest you?

  • 33% increases in sales participation rates
  • 19% increase in pipeline conversions
  • 2x increases in win rates

Please join us. And always get to YES with SalesHood.


Elay Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of SalesHood. Elay a world-renowned pioneer, leader and author in the field of sales enablement. Elay is on a mission to replicate sales success at scale by delivering sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. Elay is the former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity at Salesforce from $300M to $3B in revenue.

Chief Sales Officer

Josh Cruickshank is SalesHood’s Chief Sales Officer. Josh began his career with SalesHood 4 years ago as a Sales Director and has headed the sales team through strong bookings growth for the past 1.5 years. Prior to SalesHood, Josh led sales teams across industries including SAAS, business services and health and wellness for over 20 years. His passion is leading high-growth startups through their early stages, including creating a winning sales culture, building sales infrastructure and building out world-class enablement.

Customer Success

After years in education, I have channeled my love for learning, peer to peer interactions, and knowledge sharing into a career in sales enablement. Danica is a customer success manager at SalesHood working closely with many companies to develop impactful programs to drive revenue outcomes using the SalesHood platform.