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MEDDICC mastery with generative AI

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Interested in finding how to supercharge MEDDICC adoption and sales execution with Generative AI? Look no further. Join us for a webinar replay with Elay Cohen, CEO and co-founder of SalesHood plus Danica Granard, Customer Success Manager at SalesHood.

We plan to share and show innovative ways to use generative AI and ChatGPT to deliver MEDDICC breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. 

Key takeaways

  1. Quickly create MEDDICC content and training with generative AI
  2. Experience MEDDICC real-time coaching using generative AI
  3. Improve MEDDICC sales execution with generative AI

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your sales strategy and sales productivity to the next level. Watch the replay now!

CEO & co-founder

Elay Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of SalesHood. Elay a world-renowned pioneer, leader and author in the field of sales enablement. Elay is on a mission to replicate sales success at scale by delivering sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution. Elay is the former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity at Salesforce from $300M to $3B in revenue. 

Customer Success Manager

After years in education, I have channeled my love for learning, peer to peer interactions, and knowledge sharing into a career in sales enablement. Danica is a customer success manager at SalesHood working closely with many companies to develop impactful programs to drive revenue outcomes using the SalesHood platform.