Webinar: Make Your Number in 2023 with Meddpicc | SalesHood

Make Your Number in 2023 with Meddpicc 

February 2, 2023 @ 10:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET
There’s more pressure than ever before for sales teams to hit revenue targets in 2023. To do this, sales orgs will need to focus efforts on two key areas: uplevelling their teams’ skills and sales process, and ensuring they have a reliable and accurate sales forecast.

In this webinar, we’ll see how SalesHood customers who leverage MEDDPICC are able to:

- Qualify deals more accurately so reps don’t waste time on non-buyers
- Use a data-driven approach to make informed decisions
- Achieve a truly accurate and reliable sales forecast
- Drive urgency in deals and accelerate sales cycles
- And more!

This year, let’s replace hopes and hunches with data and a predictable sales forecast. Save your seat today.
John Guerriere Director, Sales Enablement
Deborah Scherba Partner & MEDDPICC Coach
Elay Cohen CEO