Digital Selling: A bite-sized blueprint

By Elay Cohen
Try Digital Sales Rooms
Try Digital Sales Rooms

The typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision-makers. Is your sales strategy supporting your goals and helping you hit your numbers? To keep up, you need to adapt your strategy to align with how modern buyers make purchasing decisions. This post will provide actionable tips to help you embrace digital selling and engage prospects more effectively.

What is Digital Selling?

Digital selling is the process of leveraging technology to facilitate and enhance sales interactions across channels. Data from Gartner shows that by 2025 around 80% of B2B sales interactions between buyers and sellers will occur through digital mediums.

With that in mind, sales organizations must respond with updates to their process. Sales teams must integrate digital selling techniques into their workflows. That way, they can see all the benefits take shape for the business.

Benefits of Digital Selling

Want to know what to expect when your organization leans into this initiative? Here are some of the key benefits of digital selling:

Increased efficiency: Digital tools automate administrative tasks, so sellers can focus on high-value activities.

More informed selling: Sales intelligence from digital selling tools provides insights to personalize outreach and conversations.

Enhanced buyer experience: Digital channels allow buyers to self-educate on their schedule. They can get the context they need about your offer when it works for them.

Better data: More clicks and digital interactions means more data. That makes it easier for your team to see what’s working at what isn’t.

How to build out your Client Sites.

Wondering what you need to do to create client sites that help you reach your digital selling goals? Use these ideas to put them together.

Be current and consistent.

Both concepts and content tend to evolve as business changes. Start your digital client sites by being on message and on brand. Use the latest marketing content including the product demos and the newest and approved customer stories.

Organize the site by role.

Don’t leave leads or customers guessing about where they can go to get information. Create sections for different buying groups and stakeholders. For example, you can create tabs for end users vs. executives vs. procurement.

Curate relevant content.

To be effective, your content needs to align with the needs and questions prospective buyers have. Relevant content should be shared based on where customers and prospects are in their buying journey. Content curation is a great way to build trust with customers and demonstrate that you’re listening to them.

Optimize your sales strategy.

Once you have the basics down, you can go a few steps further to make sales efforts even more effective. Here are some tips to optimize your sales strategy for the digital age.

Leverage sales enablement platforms.

Consolidate your sales content and collateral into a centralized hub. That will empower sellers to quickly access approved resources to share with prospects. With SalesHood, you get an enablement platform, content, and proven templates to create and launch high-impact programs faster.

Incorporate sales AI.

By incorporating AI, sellers gain an information advantage to start meaningful conversations and advance opportunities. Personalization has been an ongoing trend in sales, and AI is one tool you can use to tailor your messaging for prospects at scale.

AI also makes tasks less time-consuming and provides reminders to follow up on outstanding tasks. This helps to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. By automating labor-intensive processes, your sales professionals can be free to focus on the work they do best.

Leverage video for personalized outreach.

Videos personalized for individual prospects demonstrate you value their time and business. Data from Vidyard shows that sales pros report buyers are 50% more responsive to messages sent via sales engagement platforms or other sales technologies when at least one video is included as part of the sales cadence.

You can share short intro videos when prospecting to make a memorable first impression. Send recap videos after meetings to reinforce next steps. Taking a few minutes to record a video can make all the difference.

Use your data.

Having lots of data isn’t useful if it sits around collecting digital dust. Looking into the information you get from client sites can completely transform your strategy and help you connect with prospects and leads in new ways.

For example, you can see which prospects opened emails, which links they clicked, and how long they reviewed sales materials. When you know who’s digging into the content and what they’re engaging with, you get more details about what they care about. Analyzing this data and adjusting your outreach and messaging based on this is crucial to closing more deals.

Where Client Sites fit in the funnel.

While many people see how digital selling and client sites will help with front-of-the-funnel prospecting activity, many top performers are extending the applications to back-of-the-funnel activity. Take a look at these use cases.

Co-create mutual success plans.

Co-creating mutual plans is a great way to align buyers and drive urgency and actions. Crafting the plan, then providing a video walkthrough of the line items including due dates, owners and status is a great way to engage buyers.

Share proposals.

Share sales proposals on a client site. You can build out a beautiful document for decision-makers to access, and even pair it with a video if you’d like to add a more personalized touch.

Drive adoption with customer success and implementation information

Set every customer on the path to success by giving them all the information they need in one place. Written content and videos act as a good to start building relationships, explaining timelines, and showing what’s coming soon from your secure deal room.

It’s Time to Demystify the Process of Digital Selling

Using this guide, you can start implementing digital selling techniques that make an impact. You’ll meet your buyers where they are and position your team to hit their numbers. Want some help along the way? The SalesHood platform is designed to equip your team with everything they need to engage buyers effectively and close deals faster. Request a demo here.

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