How Domo Impacts Revenue With Sales Coaching & Sales Plays

By Elay Cohen
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Callie Apt, Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement and Proposals at Domo, shares with us how she and her team deliver meaningful impact on pipeline and revenue with their sales enablement programs. When she spoke at our MULTIPLIERS live-virtual conference, she said Domo’s latest “sales plays” program helped Domo generate the most pipeline in the history of the company. Now that’s impact!


Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement & Proposals

I’m really excited to share how the Sales Enablement team at Domo aligned the teams, coached our sellers and delivered quantifiable business impact: pipeline and revenue!

First, to roll out our new ‘go-to-market’ strategy and corporate messaging, we partnered with marketing to create integrated campaigns with focused training and coaching. With 100% of our workforce working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced the added challenge of coaching and certifying teams virtually. At Domo, this transition was seamless because we already had a lot of our content and coaching set up in the SalesHood Library.

Before we dive into how we rolled out our sales plays, let me share how Domo defines a sales play:

“At Domo, a Sales Play is a persona-based campaign inclusive of who to target, a collection of use-cases with unaddressed pain, a sales play definition, emails and call scripts, a customer-facing deck, demo, and customer stories – all tied to that persona’s pains and the line of business.”

Here is what we did to enable our teams to execute the high priority sales plays:

Scaled Quickly With Repeatable Coaching Huddles

Huddles or modules were created for each sales play. With the SalesHood platform it was easy to develop one coaching huddle template, clone it for each play, and roll out the full sequence. Our sellers had access to a well organized and structured graphical path which made it easy for them to learn, practice and certify on each play in a short amount of time as part of our global sales plays launch. Our Domo subject matter experts (as well as a number sellers who had piloted the sales plays) participated in the content creation for each coaching huddle so that it was engaging, authentic and included a standard set of key assets to enable success:

  1. Email templates
  2. Call Scripts
  3. Customer facing presentation
  4. Demo
  5. Customer Stories

Key to success for us was creating both consistent learning experiences for our sellers and consistent content creation experiences for our SMEs and contributors.

Enablement can accelerate Sales and Marketing Alignment

One challenge most organizations face is driving alignment across and between sales and marketing. In enablement, we sit squarely in the middle so it was a great opportunity to drive collaboration across the organization and help deliver real value to the business. From the start, Domo had a solid partnership and alignment between the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and the Chief Strategy Officer who also owns marketing. Having joint executive sponsorship, combined with SLAs and collaboration across the sales enablement and product marketing teams was key to success.

Run a Pilot: Buy-in Drives Change Management

Test, learn and iterate. When you are driving a big culture shift in your organization, in this case, the move to 100% virtual enablement, you need to test and learn what works, so we ran a pilot. We asked our sales leaders to nominate ‘pilot’ sellers across their teams to participate in each of the Sales Plays over a set period of time and ensure the content was relevant and useful. This gave the team a sense of ownership of the process and content that ultimately helped drive adoption. “We held a weekly stand up with our pilot sellers to talk about the plays they ran, what calls they made, what activities were completed, what successes they were having and what problems or challenges they faced.” We used the feedback to iterate the content and make it better before broad roll-out.

Use Data To Drive Accountability and Measure Outcomes

Data isn’t eating the world. But it can and should drive strategy and decision making. Our sellers track sales plays in Salesforce, so we can correlate the SalesHood coaching data and map completion rates to real business and revenue outcomes all within Domo, our own analytics platform using the SalesHood API. The impact each seller has on pipeline and revenue based on SalesHood training completion is crystal clear, and it’s very motivating to those on the team who worked hard to design this enablement program! Additionally, the quality and quantity of our meetings and sales interactions increased across the team and we can measure improvement in seller efficiency. Impact at Domo? Average deal size has seen a notable increase, and we’ve generated the most pipeline in our company history. The sales team is energized and ready for more! One team in particular mentioned their excitement to pick up the phone and speak with prospects based on increased confidence that came from repetition, focus, and certifying on the sales plays.

Get Sellers To Learn by Doing

The very best way to learn anything is by doing it. Again and again and again. Leveraging SalesHood, our sellers were able to learn, practice and record their pitches, get feedback and coaching from managers and peers, and ultimately get certified on our corporate messaging and sales plays. It’s rewarding to watch seller confidence increase with practice!

For Domo, leveraging the SalesHood platform helped us easily transition to a 100% virtual sales education program and deliver business impact during a challenging time. The best way for any business to manage through the impact COVID-19 is having is to focus on helping their customers. And the best way to do that is to ensure your teams are trained, enabled, and confident in sharing your value proposition. One thing is certain, Domo’s focus sales plays will evolve over time, but our model and template for the sales plays program makes it easy for us to continue to educate our teams and drive success at scale in the future.

You can watch the full replay of this talk from MULTIPLIERS by requesting free access to our Community. Click here.

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