Sales Coaching Template: How Sales Managers Run Effective 1:1 Meetings

By Elay Cohen
Download coaching guide
Download coaching guide

Why do you think many front-line managers needs improvement at coaching and developing their teams?

  • They aren’t trained to coach and develop their teams. They lack the skills.
  • They don’t know how to give constructive feedback.
  • They don’t believe they have the time to do effective virtual Sales coaching.
  • They spend too much time working deals versus coaching reps on deals.
  • They don’t effectively use their weekly meetings for coaching.

Great managers give great feedback all the time. Great managers invest time to review their team’s work. Great managers share real-time constructive feedback. Great managers use one-on-ones (1:1), deal reviews, team huddles to accelerate sales coaching moments on industry knowledge, product mastery, sales execution, storytelling and communications.

It’s our job as sales managers to make sure our teams are consistently putting forth their best effort and hitting their sales, career and life goals. Here’s a proven 1:1 coaching huddle framework to elevate how we coach and develop our teams.


Based on the deals you’re working in your business please share:

  1. What’s the delta for commit and best case last week? Why?
  2. Which deals have slipped and why? Be ready to discuss all deals that have slipped not just for this month.
  3. What’s the pipeline coverage today and what’s the risk in it?

Actual To Plan

Review actuals to plan for Saas Sales Training. Look at close won versus year to date quota. Be ready to have a discussion about what’s the plan to close the gap. Encourage strategies to build pipeline and pull pipeline forward.

Deal Hygiene

Which deals have dropped in value, pipeline stage and/or forecast category and why? Which deals have slipped and why? Which deals have been neglected and why? Make sure expectations are set on what neglect means in terms of number of days with no activity. If you’re recording calls, review transcripts for coaching moments.

Big Deals

Review big deals. Have a conversation about what deals are key to winning and why. Be ready to have a deep discussion on plan to close. Review any practice presentations recorded and reviewed by the team.


Acknowledge that obstacles may exist and encourage a dialogue about all of them. What’s broken that needs fixing? What support do is needed? Everything should be discussed. The goal of this part of the conversation is to remove all obstacles.

Action Items

Accountability is key. Keep track of action items.

Rinse and repeat every week.

Here are a few tips on giving feedback:

  1. Be timely.
  2. Be constructive.
  3. Tell the truth. Tell it like it is.
  4. Give everyone on your team feedback.
  5. Give feedback frequently and consistently.
  6. Stay positive and encouraging.
  7. Empathize and appreciate their hard work.
  8. Share specific examples.
  9. Explain the why.
  10. Assign everyone to do at least three reviews.

Make a decision that sales coaching is important. Set weekly coaching goals that includes 1:1s, deal reviews, call reviews and team huddles. Document rep observations and feedback week after week.

It’s up to you to elevate your team by first elevating your coaching game.

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